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How we can help you with your Business in Spain…

Finding work in Spain is not always easy, particularly if you do not speak Spanish to a very high standard.  That is not to say that there are not English speaking jobs in Spain, only that there are many expats, who do not speak Spanish, looking for work in Spain and so competition is rife.

However, there are always opportunities to buy a business in Spain or to start up a business in Spain.  There are many advantages in being your own boss, but it is not something you should jump into without first doing some research and speaking to the right people.

At CCB Spain, we can assist you in making the correct decisions from the outset.  These are just a few of the many questions our clients ask us:

  • Should I purchase an existing business?
  • Should I start up my own company?
  • Should I set up as Self-employed or as a Limited Company?
  • What costs are involved in setting up a Company?
  • What taxes will I need to pay?
  • Are there new company start up grants in Spain?
  • If I am self employed, can I employ somebody else?

At CCB Spain, we understand the need to keep initial start up costs to a minimum. An easy way to save money, if you have the time, is to learn to complete your own business accounts. We can train you or a member of your team to do this or, if you prefer, we offer a full book keeping and payroll service at a very affordable price.

How to Set Up a Business in Spain

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