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If you have recently moved to Spain, or maybe you have lived here for awhile, you may still be struggling to find your way around the infamous maze that is Spanish bureaucracy.

Have you been surprised to receive unexpected fines a or even have your bank account frozen?

Don’t worry. You are not alone. Unfortunately, many expats are caught out and do not know where to turn for assistance, without having to pay out excessive legal fees.

This is how we can help you.

Daily tasks that can often be easily resolved in your home country, by a quick telephone call or a visit to the local office, can appear a lot more complicated in Spain. Sometimes even speaking the local language fluently does not make the battle of fighting through the Spanish red tape of bureaucracy any easier.

At CCB Spain, not only do we have staff who speak several languages, we are experts at cutting through the red tape surrounding Spanish paperwork. Our experienced staff have turned what at first appeared as a mountain into a small molehill, for many expats in Spain.

At CCB Spain we can help you with all issues faced by expats in Spain.

CCB Spain expat services include:

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Remember, we have all experienced life in Spain and no problem is too big nor too small for us to help you with.

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