How to apply for your own Spanish Residency

By following these simple,  step by step instructions you will be able to make your own Residency Application in Spain without having to pay a translator or a lawyer …

Spanish Residency Application Form EX18

In order to apply for Spanish residency in Spain, we currently use the EX18 form shown above.

You can download the form from our post here.

The above application form has been comlpeted with fictional details for the following person who is applying for Spanish Residency not NIE:

  • Name:  John Andrew Smith
  • Passport Nº(1):   123456789  (If you already have an NIE please also add the details)
  • Sex (2) : Male    (please note:  H= Male and M = Female)
  • Date of Birth (3): 1st February 1970 (please note date format)
  • Place of Birth:   London
  • Country of Birth:  United kingdom (write Reino Unido as above)
  • Father´s Name:   Matthew
  • Mother´s Name:  Emily
  • Nationality: British      (please note UK is quoted not GB) (write Reino Unido as above)
  • Marital Status (4):  Married  (please note: S = Single, C = Married, V = Widow, D = Divorcee,  Sp = Separated)
  • Address in Spain:  Calle los Olivos,12. Mijas 29650 Málaga.


In this example, John Smith is making his own residency application so he does not need to complete Section 2).

However, he has completed Section 3) as  he does not receive post at his home address so he has requested that all notifications are sent to his post box address. This is a very good option if you regularly move house or your postal service is not reliable.

The above information should allow you to make your own Residency Application in Spain without having to pay a translator or a lawyer. Remeber that if you require further assistance we offer this service and many more via our   Standard Membership option.

 Remeber, if you are unsure whether you should apply for NIE or Residency read the article here.

By Lisa Sadleir.

© Copyright 2012 Lisa Sadleir, All rights Reserved. Written For: Costa Consulting Bureau