Residency in Spain: Renewal Update September 2012


residency in spain


Are you sure that your Residency in Spain is current and valid?

Are you the owner of an old style Tarjeta de Residencia, that proves you have residency in Spain? We are not talking about the green residency certificates nor the white NIE certificates. We are only referring to the old style cards, like the one featured in this picture.

Is this the only document you hold that proves that you are an offcial resident in Spain? ie. you do not hold a green residency certificate or card.

If the old stlye tarjeta is the only official document you hold as proof of your residency in Spain, we strongly recommend you check the expiry date as soon as you read this article.

Following the recent change in the residency in Spain application procedures, for both EU and non EU citizens, the residencia renewal procedure has also been tightened up.

The latest information we have received that is if you do not renew your residency in Spain, within three months of the expiry date of the old style residency card, you will have to make a new residenct application. A renewal procedure will not be available to you.

We strongly recommend that you apply for an appointment to renew your residency in Spain, BEFORE your residency card expires.

To renew your residency in Spain, follow the instructions given HERE.

Failure to do this, may lead to you needing to start the residency application procedure all over again and abiding by the much tighter rules.

For details of the new application procedure and the pre requisites, please read HERE.


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One comment on “Residency in Spain: Renewal Update September 2012
  1. John Derek Jones says:

    I want to make an appointed For Jean Weaver to renew her residencia.Nie x0503938P Dob. 180535 Passport 705533528 Residencia Green No. 1364847 Ends 19th November 2008. Please forward Appointed Date to me. Thank you, J.D.Jones

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