In response to the question “Does your Spanish NIE expire after 3 months?”  … The answer is “no”!

Some companies are telling people that their NIE expires after 3 months. This information is not totally true and is very misleading.

As we have previously explained (read the post here) , if you are planning to stay in Spain for more than 3 months then you no longer need to apply for an NIE , you can register as a foreign resident (click here for details how to do this ) , receive the green certificate (which has replaced the old residency cards) and consequently save yourself time and money.

However, if you require an NIE to purchase a property or a car then  you will receive the white sheet of paper with your NIE number which is a number assigned to you for life. At the bottom of this paper you will see the words “caduca en 3 meses”. This basically means that the certificate is only valid for 3 months, however your NIE will not change and can be used for legal and bureaucratic purposes.

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By Lisa Sadleir

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One thought on “Does your Spanish NIE expire after 3 months?

  1. I applied for nie number about 8 yrs ago but never went back got the certificate, but got issued number. What do I do now. Do I have to reapply