Spanish Residency Update September 2012

Spanish Residency Application Procedure in the case of confirmed employment…

Following the change in procedures for Spanish Residency Applications for EU Nationals, published a few months ago and explained here , we can now confirm the following information.

If you are applying for Spanish residency, ie. you intend to stay in Spain for more than 3 months (see more details of whether you should apply for NIE or Residency HERE ) and you have confirmed employment, the procedure to successfully apply for residency is to follow the instruction described in the article HERE and to have a letter from your employer to confirm the offer of employment.

IMPORTANT: The letter from your employer must include the following:

  • Company Name
  • Company Address
  • Company CIF (fiscal) number
  • Company social security account number (cuenta de cotización de seguridad social

NOTE: In some areas (including Marbella) , a temporary contract is also being requested (ie. as per an official contract but with the required NIE space left blank) . If you are able to request this from your Company, we would recommend you do so.

Please be advised that as well as providing you with information to perform these tasks yourself, we  also offer assistance with residencia applications in all areas of Spain and the Spanish Islands. For further information, check our  Membership options and our excellent value and very popular Spain Starter Pack.

  By Lisa Sadleir

© Copyright 2012 Lisa Sadleir, All rights Reserved. Written For: Costa Consulting Bureau

We provide invaluable advice and assistance to people living in and moving to Spain ... We look forward to saving you time, money and frustration by overcoming the hurdles of Spanish bureaucracy.

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