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moving to spainRelocating to Spain is fraught with difficulty, and not an activity to be undertaken lightly. Moving to a new country involves significant expense and time to complete your transition, so why not let CCB Spain help to smooth the path and ensure peace of mind while you discover your new home in Spain.

Choosing to move to Spain involves decisions of where to live, which school to enrol the children in, ensuring complicated legal and taxation needs are met, arranging money transfers from our home country, preparing wills, and dealing with much smaller but just as frustrating tasks such as satellite TV installation, obtaining NIE and empadronamiento, or integrating into your local community.

move to spain

Cabopino, Malaga

Costa Consulting Bureau (CCB Spain), founded by Lisa Sadleir, who has over 20 years experience in Spain and a flair for understanding the needs of her clients, is the one stop office in the Costa del Sol for all your relocation advice.

Relocating to Spain is rarely an easy process, most people have experienced frustration with government bureaucracy, banking, property settlement, connecting phones, but CCB Spain is here to help.

The secret to succesfully moving to Spain is to bring your sense of humour with you and be prepared, typically by learning as much as you can beforehand, and then working with a trusted expert who can smooth the waters. Sadly, many foreign residents arrive without having researched the differences between Spain and their home country, and are then forced to accept the word of a real estate agent, or their bank manager when making decisions.

Without labouring the point, you wouldn’t necessarily put all your trust in a person who is earning commission from selling to you if you were back home, so why do it in Spain? This is precisely why CCB Spain was formed, and why we’ve become one of the most respected relocation advice providers in the Costa del Sol. Our fee structure is clearly explained and transparent, so you won’t get any nasty surprises.

CCB Spain: Everything you Wanted to Know but were Afraid to Ask

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You may be surprised by the range and complexity of problems you have to deal with.  Things that back home you could probably fix with a single phone call, yet in Spain might take six months to put right.

Mistakes at the outset are costly, and all too common, which is why you need someone on your side to make sure all the T’s are crossed and I’s dotted, without which a small error could become a major headache.

“If you move to Spain in a bubble, one day that bubble will burst. With the help of  CCB Spain, you will have your eyes wide open and will learn how to get the most out of your new life in Spain.” Lisa Sadleir.

After our first conversation, we will have a clear idea of your particular needs, and will be able to immediately start working on the issues that require immediate attention and introducing you to experts in their field (such as insurance brokers, accountants, lawyers).

In your dealings with CCB Spain there will be times when you will be required to be present, for example: opening bank accounts, obtaining your NIE and empadronamiento, or signing documents with a notary, and in these situations we will manage the process for you and translate on your behalf.

There are many other scenarios where your presence may not be required, for example: filing accounts, dealing with utilities companies, or arranging quotes for insurance, and in these situations we are able to work autonomously and will consult with you only when we need to.

For more details about how we can help you successfully move to the Malaga region and the Costa Del Sol, visit our RELOCATION WEBSITE :

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Click here to get your copy!