State Healthcare in Spain: Are you entitled to it?

Follow these simple instructions to check if you are entitled to healthcare in Spain

This online system has been designed to allow people to check if they are entitled to healthcare in Spain . You can check if any citizen is entitled to health care in Spain, either in their own right or as a beneficiary.

Unlike many online services in Spain, a digital certificate is not required to access this system.

Instructions to check online if you are entitled to healthcare in Spain:

Access the Social Security website page HERE

1. Click the button “Consultar derecho asistencia sanitaria” and complete the required data. Once completed, you will be provided with a reference number.

healthcare in spain

NOTE: Ensure your details are entered exactly as they appear on your social security paperwork.  All non Spanish residents will have an NIE number not an NIF. Your social security number (Número afiliación S.S) has 12 digits. Note the date format for date of birth (Fecha de nacimiento) , 5th December 1960 will be written as 05/12/1960.

healthcare in spain

This second section is to be completed if you are checking the status of a beneficiary.

Once all the details have been completed, click “Consultar” 

2. Check the answer by either of the following ways:

– Access the service again, ( Click Here )  click the button “Ver resultado consulta” and enter your reference number. Note that the system will generate the information required approximately 15 minutes after your initial request.

healthcare in spain


-Where appropriate, you will receive the information requested via email. This information will be available for consultation, quoting your given reference number, for a period of 30 days. After this time you will have to make a new request for the information and get a new reference number.

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