Cut Through The Red Tape Of Spanish Bureaucracy!


spanish bureaucracyDid you recently move to Spain? Are you planning to move there soon? Have you been living in Spain for awhile and are fed up with the bureaucracy?

If you found this page, you must have realized how slow and frustrating filling out Spanish paperwork can become for a foreigner.

What was a simple one-step process in your home country can turn into weeks or even months of tiresome phone calls, correspondence and office appointments, but you will find an effective solution at the end of this page!

Nobody is Safe!

Speaking the language fluently doesn’t make it any less frustrating. Even locals consider Spanish bureaucracy to be a test of their patience from time to time!

It touches upon every aspect of your life: immigration, residency, driving, employment,  education and more.

More importantly, you will receive very little guidance from the corresponding government institutions about any of these issues. From registering your car to applying for social security, you will be solely responsible for filling out everything correctly… or to paying lots of money for somebody to for it for you!

You Don’t Have to Be Alone!

Does it seem too confusing to fill out paperwork for your Spanish residency or NIE application on your own?

Don’t hurry to spend your money on lawyers, solicitors or legal consultants! There’s a much cheaper alternative than paying unreasonable hourly fees for something you can do on your own!

CCB Spain Membership saves your time and money by providing step-by-step instructions to the problems you will encounter because of Spanish bureaucracy.

  • Make sense of all the rules and regulations!
  • Submit your applications with full confidence!
  • No more second-guessing your paperwork!

You don’t have to read through dozens of pages of manuals to learn that information! Every time you need help, you will receive personalized advice about your particular case from CCB Spain*.

You Don’t Have to Feel Helpless Anymore!

Membership at CCB Spain covers everything, from Spanish residency applications, NIE forms, vehicle paperwork, healthcare, social security and much more.

You will receive the following benefits for the duration of your membership:

  • Individual step-by-step guides.
  • Assistance on request.
  • Personalized advice* (*for Gold members).

If you’re moving to Spain for long-term, you should take advantage of the 6 or 12 month membership, at the price of what lawyers and legal consultants usually charge per hour of their service!

We make it simple, fast and safe for you to handle all the paperwork on your own!

CCB Spain will help you fill out every document yourself with thorough instructions that will let you understand the process. After a few months of membership, you will even be able to assist your family and friends with their problems!

You don’t need to waste hundreds of euros in expenses on lawyers and consultants.

Don’t become a character in Spain’s latest bureaucracy horror story!



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