Writing Off A Car in Spain (2)

Have you sold your car in Spain, believing all the necessary paperwork had been completed and then later discovered that there were outstanding traffic fines or taxes in your name? Have you lost your IBI discount? Had money frozen in your bank account or even deducted from wages? Unfortunately, this is not unusual.

If the necessary paperwork is not correctly completed when you sell a car in Spain, you will continue to be responsible for any fines or taxes incurred by the vehicle until it is correctly registered in the new owners name and address.

So what are the options?

If you are unable to contact the new owner and rectify the situation the best option is to prove that the vehicle has been sold, by submitting a “NOTIFICACIÓN DE TRANSMISIÓN O VENTA DEL VEHÍCULO” to the DGT. A gestoria can also process this for you.

Once you have submitted this information, you will no longer be responsible for the debts incurred by the vehicle and should the vehicle be located, it will be impounded.

Please be carfeul when selling a car in Spain, ensure you complete the necessary paperwork. Whenever possible, ensure the seller and the buyer both sign a simple sales contract at the time of purchase.

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